Anouncing Pirates of the Caribbean & Water!

We are proud to announce that the Pirates of the Caribbean Premium Level Kit, along with water, and the Pirates of the Caribbean Costume Kit will be arriving in time for Christmas, on December 22nd!


Rumours say that the fearsome Davy Jones and his mighty Kraken have come to LittleBigPlanet to wreak havoc and claim some sack folk to serve as Davy’s Crew. Once again, it’s going to fall to Sackboy to locate the only ship on LittleBigPlanet that has any chance of sending him back to the bottom of the sea.

Head deep into the Caribbean to battle The East India Trading Company and Pirates alike, find the legendary ship and take on the Kraken. This new kit features a set of six swashbuckling levels, each containing a treasure trove of stickers, decorations, materials, music objects and 11 new trophies.

Find out all about it over on where we’ve uploaded videos, screenshots, trailers, renders, wallpapers, and all kinds of useful snippets of info!


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