Are you good enough to design LBP levels for a living?


Well, are you? If you think you have what it takes to be a professional LittleBigPlanet level designer, and can think of nothing you’d love more than to be paid to create, the creators of LBP Vita (Tarsier Studios) are waiting for your application.

We have worked with Tarsier Studios, based out of Malmö Sweden, on a numerous projects over the years, and they are a big part of the LBP Family already. We are thrilled that they have taken on the challenge of building the Vita incarnation of our little game! You can already see from the E3 Trailer just how great a job they are doing with the new game, and how exciting it could be to work on it! Working with the folk at Tarsier sounds like a lot of fun too…


Since the unveiling of The City of Metronome at E3 2005, Tarsier Studios has made a name for itself as a developer with a unique vision and the talent to make that vision a reality.

After the release of Rag Doll Kung Fu™ : Fists of Plastic, Tarsier was asked to help out with the famed LittleBigPlanet™ franchise, something that we continue with to this day.

Our relationship with Mm and Sony reached its logical next step when we were entrusted with the development of LittleBigPlanet™ on the PlayStation® Vita. As HUGE fans of the game, it’s safe to say we were more than a little happy with this news!

Tarsier Studios are a ragtag band of game developers on a sworn mission to ingest caffeine and create awesomeness, and we will not stop until these missions are complete.

Apply at once friends! -  Let’s check out the E3 Trailer for the game one more time, just think, future trailers could feature your levels too. Zomg.

Oh, One more thing! - Whilst these design jobs are not here at Mm, we are hiring for some artists and programmers here at Media Molecule - check out our jobs too! Now heres that trailer…



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