Awesome ice cream van, awesome links.

Woo! Check out our new internetz house! We’re going to be adding and updating even more in the weeks to come (in our own inimitable, ramshackle fashion) so keep checking back, or even better just subscribe to our RSS feed.

If you want even more stuff to look at then there are a bunch of cool LBP sites out there at the moment. Our chums at Sony US have launched the frankly awesome LittleBigPlanet News Blog. This is probably the number one place for all your LBP news and we’re going to be working with them to provide lots of exciting stuff in future. So that is another blog to subscribe too, and go make a logo while you’re at it.

Then there the not at all official (but still awesome) fansites such as the terrifyingly comprehensive LittleBigPlanetGuide, the pretty but concise MD@LBP and of course the ever faithful Also, for those of you with Flickr accounts oxoc has set up an LBP Flickr pool to collect all your creations.

Edit: Kris points out that there is also LBP Central … have we missed any others? Tell us in the comments!

Edit 2: The News Blog has got a bunch more sites AND a handy fan-kit here


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