Big things from little beginnings

Edge have published an article about us entitled ‘big things from little beginnings’. Offering a little glimpse inside Mm towers, Edge cover our history, our future, and speak to some of the team about what makes us, us!

Back when Media Molecule was at work on the first LittleBigPlanet, its offices were a congregation of dark, sweaty rooms above a shop in the suburbs of Guildford. It was a dingy, poorly ventilated place befitting a software startup, but the 27-strong team still decorated, covering the walls with gaudy art and stringing fairy lights across the lobby, spelling out ‘hello’ in crazy joined-up writing.
Six years and a sequel later, Media Molecule is now owned by Sony and boasts a team of 47, split across two projects. Its new workspace is located in a plushly impersonal office block in the centre of town. If the team’s old digs resembled a ramshackle tree house, the new ones look like, well, a development studio. There’s decent lighting and functioning air conditioning, and there are meeting rooms decked out with whiteboards and teleconferencing equipment.
Move in close, though, and the handicraft – and perhaps hand-to-mouth – spirit of the early days survives.

Read the full thingamabob over here!


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