6th Birthday Mmusings


It seems we’re starting the year off with quite the bang here at Media Molecule, celebrating both year six as a company and the very first birthday for LittleBigPlanet 2 this January. Some very hungry molecules gathered upstairs for a nice spot of lunch yesterday, possibly accented with a larger spot of bubbly.


Spirits were high! So high, in fact, that a few molecules seemed to sprout wings during a match of table tennis.

Oooooh! Oooooh!

But I digress, the best gift this month doesn’t have to do with John and Omar’s astonishing knack for flight. No, that honour goes to you, dearest lovely fans, for being so very amazing. This month, LittleBigPlanet reached 6 Mmillllllllllliooonnnnn levels—zounds, have you all been busy! So, we’re taking the opportunity to say a very special thank you for all your support, and we hope you’ve had (and continue to have) as much fun playing (and making!) as we’ve had. None of this would be possible without you!


Without you, Mm Towers would just be a room full of sad pandas, with no one to wow us with happy surprises all day. As we’ve said before, we’re constantly floored by your creativity and general amazingness, which we see in the levels you upload, or the fan art you create, or just the kind things you say.


A massive thank you needs to go everyone in the LBP community who sent us warm wishes on our birthday, but special thanks needs to be given to those of you who contributed to our special gift… The highlight of the afternoon was when we all poured over the wonderful package we received;  A huge parcel filled with pictures, stories, poems, and a card that came in three volumes, with over 3000 birthday wishes from you guys. Well done for finding new undiscovered methods of mind-explodery, with your kind and generous spirits.


We wanted to send you some warm wishes in return, so here are some words for you from Mm Towers, along with a thank you note from all of us to you, which we will send to Samalot, the curator of our wonderful birthday card. Thank you!

Amy: I’ve thoroughly enjoyed coming back from maternity leave to a bit of network coding on LBP2. There can’t be many jobs that are so interesting, rewarding and fun! I feel very lucky that there are such talented bods out there making awesome levels, meaning I get to do my dream job!  Thank you :)

Kevin: 6 million levels! Holy Craft World Sackboy, I can’t even count that high. Even if I could, it would take too long with all the ah ah ha’s. But seriously, this is an amazing achievement, both for us as the creators of the game—seeing the tools used to much and by so many—and for you the players, nay, Designers! Using the tools and consistently amazing us and your fellow Sackpeople. Keep up the good work and happy birthday Craftworld.

Mags: LBP players are THE most awesome and most creative people in the world, big love from Mags xx

Luci: Dear Sackpeople,
You are always telling us how very awesomes we are. But listen to me – YOU are awesomes. Thank you so very much for your enormous contribution in making the Molecule a success. Where would we be without you? You. Rock. That is all.


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