CES coverage starts to appear…

omg lolz sofa

LBP has been a roller coaster of excitement for us, ever since it was unveiled a little less than a year ago at GDC in March 07. Since then, the anticipation and excitement online took us all by surprise – but is the *best* kind of compliment you could ever by payed as a game developer. Pete, one of our producers at SCEE loves to say ‘it’s the best kind of problem to have!’ when he hears me stressing out over the pressure. And he’s right! But it does mean that whenever a show comes around – in this case, CES in Vegas, where Pete, Leo and Kyle from SCE[E|A] (amongst others) are valiantly demoing the latest LBP build – literally makes me want to hide in a corner, behind a sofa, and peek out at someone else’s internet browser from time to time.

It seems to be going over well, hurrah hurrah, what what, as Bertie Wooster would say (obviously all brits sound like him) and there are lots of little tidbits in the footage that is sure to trickle out that I’m sure longtime LBP fans will enjoy. I really enjoyed reading the posts on the recent kotaku posting – the level of enthusiasm and excitement is really cool and very motivating. Frightning, yes. Not always right. But awesome. Thanks people. Right, back to work…


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