Code Breakers: Our Aussie Ladies at ACMI


Studio Director, Siobhan


Associate Producer, Cherie

If you happen to find yourself in Melbourne, Australia from July 25th to November 5th this year, drop by the Australian Centre for the Moving Image to see the Code Breakers exhibit, celebrating the achievements of Australian and New Zealand women working in video games.

Our own Siobhan Reddy and Cherie Davidson are among the women included in the exhibition and you'll be able to learn more about their inspirations, experience and philosophy of making games! The exhibit is free and fabulous so hopefully some of you can attend and learn more about amazing creators from down under. If you do get the chance to stop in, please send us a pic on social media, as we sadly won't be making to Australia in the next few months.

Congrats, Siobhan and Cherie!


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