Come and see us at EGX this weekend!

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Eurogamer's EGX 2014 kicked off today at Earl's Court in London, a big ol' room filled up with games and a sizeable throng of gamers to play them. We'll be around at the show this weekend, and we'd love you to say hello! 

Tearaway Unfolded Demo + Q&A

On Saturday (4pm) and Sunday (1pm) You'll be able to catch me teasing glimpse of Tearaway Unfolded on the Playstation stage (which is at their booth on the show floor,) partake in some speed paper crafting for prizes, and we'll have a bit of Q&A too.

Tearaway Unfolded Developer Session

On Sunday at 4pm Rex and Michelle will take to the main stage for the Tearaway Unfolded Developer session, where we'll be showing off a whole of the game, and you'll get to see just how beautiful it looks on the PS4, plus all the new interactions that make it special.

On both Saturday and Sunday, if you come to the side of the PlayStation stage at 2:00 pm and bring us some Tearaway fan art, we'll exchange it for a Tearaway t-shirt. They're first come first served, one per person, and 100 in total only, 50 each day. Look for me (I'm this one on the left in this photo) and a pile of boxes.

The art doesn't have to be *beautiful* stick figures are welcome, the nicest ones will end up on our wall at the studio though! Think of it as a secret handshake to stop non-fans from getting in on the action. If you want to give us an actual secret handshake too, that will be most welcomed. High fives preferred.

See you there!


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