Community Game Jam 2011: Move Edition!


Last year, 15 or so intrepid community creators descended on Mm Towers to join in with an experimental 37.5 hour LittleBigPlanet 2 Game Jam. With the best part of a year before the game was to be released, we were keen to see if our new tools could be used to build anything, and suffice to say we were definitely impressed!

Fast forward 12 months, and we’re at it again! This morning 15 creators will once again be joining us in the studio to stay up all night building games, this time with the new Move tools that we are working on! We are once again really rather keen to see what kind of things can be built with these exciting tools, which more than ever before could lead to you lot inventing new never seen before game mechanics!

Whilst we can’t invite you all to join us in the studio without the use of some kind of shrinking technology, you can join us live via twitter from @littlebigplanet.
We’ll be updating with pictures and shenanigans all night long, with the hashtag #lbp2move.

Stay tuned!



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