Community Showcase

While we’re plugging along fixing the bugs and creating new content, we’re always delighted to see what the world of LittleBigPlanet has spawned outside of the game itself.  Here are some things we’ve found in the community that we’ve enjoyed in the office and definitely think is worth sharing.

The LittleBigPodcast covers all sorts of things like community level reviews, news updates, 100% story level playthroughs, and much more.  Very informative with high production values, these guys are doing infinitely more useful than whatever I was doing at that age.  They’re up to episode 6 right now, but I’m sure there will be more to come.  You can find it at:

Will Scobie Stickers

LittleBigPlanetoid have released another set of stickers, this time by illustrator Will Scobie. Check out how to find them here.

I just wanted to give a big shout out to LittleBigPlanet Central.  It’s one of the many fan sites that we visit constantly here at the office.  It is an absolutely amazing resource if you’re into the nitty gritty of level design and creation.  They also do some cool play and create competitions as well as community highlights and above all else, friendly, informative, and interesting discussion.  To jump into the fray:

Lastly for this post, I wanted to curse everyone, erm, share with everyone, the LittleBigPlanet version of the internet phenomenon:  I’m so torn.  On one hand, I’ve heard enough of that song for many lifetimes, but I just can’t give you up, sackboy.


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