Tearaway Concept Art: Valleyfold

We've been digging through the old art folders recently to bring you some of the weird and wonderful things within. We'll be posting pieces of concept art from Tearaway and LittleBigPlanet at regular intervals from now on, so keep your eye out! 

This piece is from the Tearaway archives, an illustration by Tearaway's Creative Lead Rex Crowle. I asked him to explain a bit more about it for us...

Tearaway Concept Art  - 023

Tearaway Concept Art

A rough layout of some things you might find in Tearaway's Valleyfold region. Cows, Morris-Dancers with Ghetto-Blasters, Jabberwocky's, and a giant maypole. Only one of those things actually ended up in the final released game! 

One of the things I liked most about this image was the giant scrunched-up paper balls (you can see one in a barn on the right of the image) the idea of these was that paper was a resource that was being farmed, and when the crop was ready the farmers would roll it up like turf and roll it back to the farms.

– Rex Crowle


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