Cornish Yarg set for April 16th release

yaaaaarg_smallCornish Yarg – a moist cheese from Cornwall with a fresh, creamy taste, and the name of the next content patch to hit the LittleBigPlanet.

Whilst we can’t promise it will definitely make it for the 16th, Yarg, aka 1.12, will be out either then or shortly afterwards, and contains a mixture of bug fixes and new features, such as…

  • A new music player which lets players choose their own music from the XMB to play during create mode and in their Pod

  • Improved decoration mode makes it easier to customise your Sackboy

  • Option to delete all (unhearted) community objects and photos

  • Option to select whether to automatically collect community prizes and photos or not

  • A number of improvements have been made to make profiles more robust and to recover from certain errors

  • Support for Japanese and Korean IME for text chat.

  • Emitter prediction has been improved (this should help fast-moving projectiles e.g. in MGS levels)

  • The player proximity switch now has a ‘require all’ option in it

  • An option has been added to cycle between various level information when viewing community levels on the earth

  • Various LittleBigStore improvements

Shortly after the Cornish Yarg patch, we’ll be releasing another free update, which will be provisionally available on the Playstation Store on the 23rd, and contains a set of functions and creator tools to help you tweak levels and invent new fun things for us to play! The aptly named Creator Pack 1 includes the following useful things…

  • Infinite lives checkpoint

  • Visibility tweak option on certain joint objects (to hide these in Play mode)

  • Global settings object (to trigger lighting changes)

  • Tetherless jetpack

  • Angle range proximity switch (additional functionality on proximity and magnetic key switches)

So hold on tight folks, only one more week to wait… Well, keep your fingers crossed that something nasty and unexpected doesn’t get in the way!


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