Creative Challenge - Sogport Wendigo Mask making competition!


When we announced Tearaway, we also gave out the plans to make a papercraft Elk for people to make, and were mightily impressed with the results! Since then, we’ve been really eager to get some more creative challenges out there.

This challenge is a bit different but still involves cutting and sticking, and if anything, is a lot easier! We’ve created plans that will let you make your own, fully customisable mask of a Wendigo, the monstrous beasts from the island of Sogport. We hereby challenge thee to make yourself a Wendigo mask, and send us pictures of you in the mask, terrorising your family* or generally marauding about the place, RAghr!

Make your own Wendigo Mask

Our favourite three photos will win a framed, signed, doodle by Tearaway lead designer and art master - Rex Crowle.
We’ll be judging on both the awesomeness of the mask, but also of the photo itself, so no artistic ability required here folk, just cutting and sticking and growling.
To enter the contest, do this:

The contest ends on Feb 11th at 9:00am GMT
We’ll DM you shortly after that date if you are one of the winners!
*pretend terrorising people, pretend.