Dreams' 24 Hour Launch Stream!


The day is nearly here! Dreams launches on the 14th February (Feb 11th for you lovely Early Access players) and WE. CAN’T. WAIT.

To celebrate the occasion, a host of wonderful CoMmunity members will be coming together to host a 24 hour Dreams livestream! Kicking off at 00:00 GMT on the 14th February, all the way until 00:00 GMT on the 15th February, you’ll be able to head to Twitch to support some of our amazing Dreams streamers and celebrate the launch along with them (and us!).

Below, you can find a full list of participants, when they’ll be live and links to their profiles. You’ll also spot that, of course, we’ll be streaming too! We’ll be live from 4PM - 6PM GMT on launch day with our launch day stream.

(All times below are GMT and subject to change. Keep an eye out for any updates!)

00:00 - KeldBjones

01:00 - NeonTheCoder

02:00 - Phreaky

03:00 - SamAspinall

04:00 - Aecert

05:00 - MrCaseyJones

06:00 - Freako

07:00 - FFSTV

08:00 - Cap'n Murrey

09:00 - Kimau

10:00 - JechtaPlays

11:00 - DiamonDiancie

12:00 - Aecert

13:00 - Typhus

14:00 - Fleckromancer

15:00 - Inelious

16:00 - MediaMolecule

17:00 - MediaMolecule

18:00 - RbdJellyfish

19:00 - Dorien

20:00 - Byvsen

21:00 - DreamsHaveMeanings/DirtyHarolds

22:00 - ProjectGenesis

23:00 - LadyLexUK

We’ll be hosting every stream on our Twitch channel, so you can keep our page open all day and not worry about missing anything! That said, we’d absolutely recommend heading to each person’s channel and dropping them a Follow - so you don’t miss any of their future streams! As well as marking the launch of Dreams, each streamer will be raising money throughout the day, in aid of the Sony Foundation Australia helping those in Australia effected by the recent bush-fires. You can donate towards the cause, and find out more, here.

We can’t wait to celebrate the launch of Dreams, and are so happy to have an amazing line-up of CoMmunity members to help us to do!

We have to send a HUUUGE thank you to Sean ‘Phreaky’ McIver who has been putting this altogether for us while we’ve been getting ready for launch. Sean will be streaming at 2AM GMT on the 14th Feb, so please drop by and say thank you if you get the chance!