Dreams at PlayStation UK Event

Yesterday we were very kindly invited up to London by the lovely Hollie Bennett from PlayStation Access to take part in an exclusive PlayStation UK community event! The event was full of awesome fans, who had come from all over the land to see the latest and greatest games. We were invited along as special guests (oooh!) to show Dreams to the eager crowds and we had a really great time!


Jon and Maja, our sculpting superstars!

We were very lucky at the event because Dreams was given its own space with a huge TV and dark atmospheric lighting, it was perfect! Mega thanks go to Sony for hooking us up with such an exclusive area, we are very lucky indeed :)

Throughout the evening we had a nice steady flow of folks coming over to check out Dreams and on a few occasions we even had a bit of a crowd gathering to get a closer look at the game, we were so thrilled!


Jon in action.


Fans getting hands on!


Maja and Jon totally rocking it :)

For me, the highlight of the event was getting to hang out with @glitchfish, @COGMONKEY, @Sam__Aspinall95 and @Katiekirkham2 who watched us play Dreams all night! Sadly our buddy @Sackinima had to leave the event early to go to the football (boo!) and we really missed him there, but we all had so much fun chatting and talking about Dreams and LBP. It was so wonderful to finally meet the community folk who I spend most of my time talking to online, but I never actually see, so this was a special moment for me :)

Img 5493

Thanks to Glitchfish for this photo <3

We took requests from the community throughout the night, and it resulted in some pretty amazing moments including recreating Glitchfish in Dreams, making him the first EVAR LBP community member to be made in Dreams. Now THAT'S a moment to remember right there :)

Img 5469

Glitchfish in Dreams!

Overall it was a really fantastic event and it was great to meet new and old fans alike :) A massive thank you to everyone who helped this event run smoothly, from QA to IT to Production to Maja and Jon sculpting for 3 hours straight, well done teaMm! And thanks to everyone who came by to see us as well, we love you all and we hope to see you soon <3


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