Dreams Creator Beta FAQ


Hello creators!

Sign-ups for the Dreams Creator Beta are now closed.

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Good news! The beta will now run through February 4th, so plenty of time for all our creators to flex their creation skills

This is a test of the creation tools in Dreams, so what we're most interested in learning during beta is your experience using them - are you able to make things? Did the tutorials help you? Did anything not work for you? What did you find confusing?

Please keep in mind this test is covered under NDA (no streaming, video or sharing) so you'll have access to our feedback forums and companion website to connect with us (and the rest of the community!) directly.

Now, the details...

Q: Do I need to be 18 to participate in the Beta?

A: Yes, you do. Only players 18 or older qualify to participate in beta tests run by Sony. If you are under 18 and apply, your application will be rejected. The final version of Dreams will not carry this age restriction and will come with a PEGI and ESRB rating for age guidance.

Q: What will be available in this build?

A: Our focus for beta is the create tools, so you'll find a pretty complete set of those as well as a partial set of tutorials to get you started. Our social features aren't 100% in yet, but you'll find some implemented and we'd love feedback on those areas. We'll have a few mini-games made by the team here and allow access to our companion site indreams.me.

Q: Is the beta only open to EU and US participants?

A: Yes, the beta is only available in English and has been limited to EU, AUS, Middle East, Canada, Africa and US participants at this stage. We will list the full slate of languages for Dreams closer to launch.

Q: How many people can participate?

A: We've invited every qualified user who applied to the be in the beta, so if you missed out on sign-ups, stay tuned to our channels for more info on playing Dreams when it's released!

Q: What will NOT be available in this build?

A: Our story mode won't be playable in Beta. We've also removed a lot of our content (bits & bobs, assets, unfinished things) as we want to ensure that everything on the server is finished and can carry over into the final game. We don't want to tweak anything of ours that you've used in your creations between now and launch and accidentally ruin your work. There also won't be trophies, some of the Dreamiverse (social) features or the full slate of imp customization, imp quests or final Community Jams flow.

Q: Is local co-op in the beta build?

A: Yes and no, You can play anything in play mode with a local player but co-op create (edit mode with two local players) isn't available in beta.

Q: What about VR?

A: VR is not supported in the beta. We'll have more details about VR for Dreams closer to launch.

Q: Will my creations carry over into the final game?

A: Yes, the current plan is that you'll be able to revisit what you create for beta in the final game (barring a tragic technical error between now and then!) IF YOU PUBLISH IT (We can't carry over unpublished creations -local saves- to the final build). The exception to this is creations that violate copyright, which can be removed at the request of the copyright holder.

Q: Will my progress carry over into the final game?

A: No. Your persona and imp quest progress will be reset for the final game.

Q: How long will it run?

A: Until February 4th.

Q: I am excited to play Dreams, but I'm not much of a creator, is this beta for me?

A: While the full version of Dreams has lots to offer for non-creators, beta is really just focused on creation. We don't want to discourage you from finding your inner artist, but the bulk of playable things in Dreams aren't included in this version. There's a lot of fun to be had in the creation process though, so if you're curious, we'd love to have you.

Q: NDA? Why? Isn't Dreams all about sharing?

A: That's true, but we're not quite ready to share everything yet. It's key to this stage of development that we can get direct feedback and iterate before we're ready to let everyone go nuts on the internet. We can't wait for that day, but that isn't today.

Q: Where CAN I discuss the beta?

A: We have a forum set up at feedback.indreams.me where you can connect with us to give feedback and chat to other players.

Q: Do I need PS Plus to join the beta?

A: No, PS Plus is not required for Beta BUT you may be unable to connect to Dreams if the PlayStation Network is down or experiencing issues.

Q: How much save space does the beta take?

A: The beta takes about 4 gigs of storage space, so you'll still have plenty of space for those other games you're playing!