DreamsCom '20 - Booth FAQ


We recently announced DreamsCom '20, our first ever Dreams Community Showcase event made up of a live-stream showcasing some exciting and upcoming creations from some of the Dreamiverse's best known creators, as well as a playable showfloor.

On this show-floor, creators will be able to display their very own, #MadeInDreams, booths. You'll be able to promote your upcoming creations and showcase your Dreams personality. You can find out more information on how to create your booth here, and below you'll find answers to some popular questions we've received.

If you have any further questions, feel free to comment below or reach out to us on Twitter.

How will players interact with the show-floor?

Those visiting the DreamsCom show-floor will be in control of a 3rd Person Puppet. The player won't be able to jump, and the only other input apart from puppet movement and camera movement with the left and right sticks respectively is using X inside the creator's booth to begin playing trailers or demos that the creator wants to show off.

Does my booth content need to be remixable?

Yes, everything you’re displaying at your DreamsCom booth will need to be released as remixable. This is how we'll be able to feature it on the show-floor. We know some creators are protective of their content, so keep this mind when decorating your booth. However, your booth can link to a demo of your content, and while that will need to be released as playable before the show opens, it will not need to be released as remixable. The deadline for booth submissions is end of the day, June 24th 2020.

Does my playable content (EG: demo, trailer, full game) need to be remixable?

As mentioned in the previous question, your playable linked content won’t need to be remixable, but will need to be made available to play in the Dreamiverse before we release the show-floor. The cut-off time for this will be 5PM BST on June 30th, 2020.

Can I adjust the size of the booth?

To ensure each creator has the same amount of space when showing off their creations, we decided its best that the size of the booth stays the same as it is in the template - this includes scaling the entire booth and altering the length, width, or height of the booth.

I'm a video/content creator, can my booth represent my online presence rather than a creation?

Absolutely! DreamsCom is about showcasing who you are in the Dreamiverse, whether that’s a content creator in or outside of Dreams. If you have a Dreams-related video channel or website you’d like to promote at the show, please do get involved with your own booth.