Dreamview Weekly Roundup #11

If there’s one thing we can never get enough of here at Media Molecule, it’s Fridays: filled to bursting point with optimism, the promise of the weekend glittering all over them like a fine golden dust. Pick one up, roll it about in your hands, make casual conversation with it. Give it a big sniff. Take a bite out of it. Give it to your very best friend. What a thing!

Fridays aren’t a physical object, you say? They’re more of a concept? A temporal marker that indicates that it’s time for the Dreamview Weekly Roundup, and five more recommendations for brilliantly creative things to check out in Dreams? Interesting. Quick question: what are all these round things we’ve been stashing in the office stationery cupboard, then? And where does public opinion rest on eating one? Or twenty. Just hypothetically.

Er, anyway - look at these dreams!

Camille The Chameleon

Camille the chameleon

by julio_grr

Chameleons. What incredible creatures. They’re able to change the colour of their skin by manipulating nanocrystals in their cells, and have super-powerful tongues that can be up to twice as long as their bodies. They’re also the guiltiest-looking things on the planet. Julio_grr has managed to capture all these iconic qualities of this distinctive reptile with a colour-changing, living sculpture so eye-poppingly detailed and realistically animated that we struggle to understand how they’ve achieved it - and that’s before we realise that it’s interactive. Squeezing the triggers allows us to slurp up any unsuspecting morsels that land close by. At least Camille definitely appears to have a conscience about it.

Crazy Machs

Crazy Machines

by pulsate

Fans of Mouse Trap, Rube Goldberg machines and general chaos should enjoy this inventive kit-bashed puzzler, which relies on the actual baked-in physics of Dreams to provide “completely unpredictable” action. There might be toy cars, tennis balls, random planks of wood, dominos, boxing gloves, desk fans, balloons and much more on these courses, but it’s not total mayhem: their creator has thoughtfully constructed each challenge so that each of the ten levels snap together satisfyingly under your command, and solutions function consistently.



by YLedbetter

Dreams' reigning monarch of realism returns with possibly their finest work to date. When we first saw this posted on Twitter, we honestly assumed YLedbetter was posting their holiday snaps. But look a little closer, and you start to spot the signs - yes, literal signs, containing references to YLed's fellow coMmunity members in shop names such as Pho Reaky, the Ven Wave Bar & Eatery and a little pizza place called Smashys. Then there are the clouds, which... nope, we're pretty sure they're real clouds, somehow. YLed, if you could just email us the code for the Weather Importer you've somehow invented, that'd be swell. Cheers.

My Creation 2742021

Dreams ‘n’ Chill

by DirtyHarolds

Swooping in to soothe our troubled souls this week (were those soft cupboard creatures ALIVE? Please, no) is DirtyHarolds, who’s crafted a tactile and therapeutic visualiser that serves as a wonderful meditative aid. Use the sticks to push a shifting cluster of softly glowing orbs around the screen, and up against rings that pulse in response to chilled-out beats. Feels like plopping your brain into a warm bath.

To Sketch A Criminal Scene

To Sketch A Criminal

by ManikinChild and TheBllackSheep

The greatest, most accurate technology a detective has at their disposal? The humble 2B pencil, of course. Hardboiled detective Hank Donovan is out to enact justice - and deliver some sick burns - in this short playable, er, sketch. You, the complainant, have been the victim of a terrible crime and must select dialogue options to tell Donovan all about the person who’s wronged you (and enjoy some hilariously written contextual roasts). How you recount their behaviour and facial features influences the outcome of the composite. Suffice it to say that if we ever actually saw the total casserole of a human being we described, we’d probably just hand over our wallet straight away, no questions asked. And then lay down on the concrete and re-evaluate our stance on the existence of an almighty creator.

Want an easy way to view all of these creations in one convenient collection? Check out the playable version of this week's Dreamview Weekly Roundup right here in Dreams!


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