Dreamview Weekly Roundup #2

Hello again! Told you we’d be back. It’s Friday, and that can mean only one thing - IT’S NEARLY THE WEEKEND! Time to abandon all pretence at wearing real clothes and live in pyjamas for two days straight!

Hang on, getting something in our earpiece... Oh. Apparently, it being Friday actually means it’s time for another instalment of the Dreamview Weekly Roundup, in which we bring you word of five brilliant creations that you should check out in Dreams. Okay, correction: Friday means only two things. So put on your comfiest pair of trousers, and let’s see some of what the Dreamiverse has to offer this week.

Party Cabin

Nightpine Cabin

by sigilkeeper321

Interactive dioramas are magical things, casting you as a curious giant watching over - and occasionally poking and prodding at - a tiny world. Nightpine Cabin is a particularly charismatic example of the genre: it might look twee on the surface, but to our amusement, we soon realise there’s a rager happening in the central cabin - and as you hunt down hidden objects and uncover secret objectives, you’ll discover even weirder goings-on.

Scene1 3

Into Elsewhere

by lvidusk

Set in a world aesthetically reminiscent of The Last Of Us, where a metallic growth has spread across the mouths of many, this compelling narrative adventure instead has its inhabitants silently communicate via ‘Lightspeak’. A game of what can only be described as ‘emotional Simon Says’ ensues, as gems on your bicep light up in various colours according to the buttons you press to convey various tones. It’s a fascinating concept that feels underutilised as the game wears on, and focus moves to your character’s motivations and an unrefined combat system - but thoughtful level design and an eerie mystery makes Into Elsewhere worth exploring.



by nonodragon12 and PRISMATIC-GAMER

Remember Line Rider? No? Oh man, we’re old. Well, puzzle-platformer DRAW! is a lot like the hit browser game of yore, allowing you to use motion controls to sketch surfaces upon which your character can run and jump to the exit. There a a few rough edges around certain hitboxes, but the presentation of everything is so immaculate that you’ll hardly mind. From the believably smudged paper, to the sound effects as you scribble and erase, and the snappy transitions between ‘draw’ and ‘play’ mode, this living notebook is full of audiovisual texture.

The Valley

The Valley

by wingsuiter007

It’s not easy to make something fantastical feel real, but wingsuiter007 manages it in this mesmerising not-so-still life. Particles dance in the air around a strange vulpine creature, frozen in anticipation of an encounter with a human. Its head twitches askance; saucer-wide pupils shine with sudden iridescence. A trick of the light - or magic?



by Entropy-Tamed

Impressionable takes a single word - the titular word - and makes the absolute most of it. Or, rather, it encourages YOU to make the most of it. While scooting it around the screen, you’ll soon realise that you can shave certain letters off either side to transform its meaning - and thereby its function. To say too much would be to spoil many of the jokes and winks that Entropy-Tamed employs: suffice it to say, this is a brilliant, Baba Is You-esque puzzle game with some killer punchlines. Colour us, well... impressed.

Want an easy way to view all of these creations in one convenient collection? Check out the playable edition of this week's Dreamview Weekly Roundup right here in Dreams!


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