Dreamview Weekly Roundup #5


It is Friday, and we are HERE! Well, actually, no we’re not - this writer of this article is on her hollibobs this week, a break that has likely been glorious and almost certainly filled with copious amounts of cheese. Yum.

Still, you think we’d leave you hanging? You think we’d abandon you as you clutch desperately to the edge of the cliff that is the Dreamview Weekly Roundup, your straining fingertips the only thing keeping you from tumbling into a dark void of Not Knowing What To Play In Dreams This Weekend? Never, friends. NEVER. Grab hold of our outstretched hand, haul yourself back up onto the peak, and look out across the vast expanse of the Dreamiverse alongside us as we point out just a few landmark creations. And, er, sorry about the cheese residue.

My Creation 3122021 1


by EBIJAH, Papa_Old_G4m3r and Lady_SnipeShot

In this unforgettable music video, sparks dance in the air and flames slowly engulf the performer, as Lady_SnipeShot lays down the most heart-stoppingly gorgeous vocals we’ve heard in Dreams to date. There’s a rare, electric timbre to SnipeShot’s voice that crackles in the eardrums and across the skin - we honestly get goosebumps every time we listen. Incredibly, while the video is a recent creation, an entirely acapella version of this track has been waiting in the Dreamiverse for a long time, just waiting for a collaborator to use it. Surely a future contender for a Bond theme.



by GoGoSaint

The word ‘awesome’ is thrown around a lot these days - an awesome burger, an awesome skateboard trick, an awesome BAFTA-winning creation videogame (hey, they said it, not us!). But GoGoSaint has made a sculptural space that inspires real awe. The scale is breathtaking, as is the detail - clever, efficient use of the cloning tool seems to be at work here - and it feels as though we see something different from each new angle as we fly around this beautiful Rorschachian artwork. It is, in the most literal sense of the word, awesome.

One More Jump

The Jump Yard

by EntropyTamed

A second Weekly Roundup mention for EntropyTamed, who we are convinced could not miss even if we put a blindfold on them, spun them around seventeen times and replaced their bow-and-arrow with a half-eaten Cheestring. The Jump Yard tasks you with flinging a chunky little stickperson so they land, feet-first, onto every single platform at least once. Fruity kazoos, stacks of cash, upside-down watering cans: you name it, you’ll probably have to land on it in pursuit of a high score. It’s teeth-grindingly tricky - using a bit of spin can really help you orient your stickperson mid-trajectory - but ultra-satisfying. Expect several hours to vanish into the ether immediately after you’ve just said 'One more go.' We warned you.


A Puzzle In Time


Breaking out of an escape room? Not so easy. Breaking out of an escape room USING THE POWER OF TIME TRAVEL? Well, also not that easy, it turns out. This is a fiendishly inventive puzzle game that plonks you in a test chamber filled with challenges that can only be solved by manipulating time itself. Hold R2, and you can hop between years - at which point elements in the room will shift and change, helping you navigate around obstacles or get laserbeams to where they need to go. Even during its brief runtime, there are so many ‘A-ha!’ moments - a memorable one for us involved realising that we could eradicate the existence of something while in the past to progress in the future. Mind-blowing.



by TRIX9

The cover page is a perfect representation of this shockingly well-made text-based adventure: stylish, sharp, creepily sterile, and achieving a lot with just a little. TRIX9 weaves a haunting tale of an out-of-control writer - hm, wonder what that’s like? - using simple visuals to allow players to focus on the intricacies of the story, as well as on the choices they make throughout. Some of the most impressive work is in the use of careful sound design and a controller rumble that mimics a heartbeat, evoking emotional reactions through different senses than you might usually expect (if you’re sensitive to violent themes, proceed with caution!). With eight alternative endings, you’d do well to run through several short playthroughs - each one reveals more of the mystery.

Want an easy way to view all of these creations in one convenient collection? Check out the playable edition of this week's Dreamview Weekly Roundup right here in Dreams!