Dreamview Weekly Roundup #6

Hi! Hello! Hey. Tom here! Uhhh, I mean, we’re here today to bring you… Okay, never mind. Cover blown. You already know it’s me.

Jen graciously asked if I would like to write this week’s Dreamview Weekly Roundup and I’ve been very excited to do so – and a little worried about trying to nail down just five Dreams creations to call out. Everyone’s just too good, folks.

Every Thursday, I have the privilege of streaming a whole host of creations on our Twitch channel, and it’s always my favourite bit of the week. Very often, it’s my first time playing the creations (gotta get that sweet first-play reaction!) and I always come away with a massive smile on my face - and the urge to head straight back in and beat my high scores or give that one banger another listen.

Still, I've somehow managed to select just a few for you to check out this week. So before we all head off into the weekend, here are five fantastic creations currently available in the Dreamiverse!

Avoid Impact

avoid IMPact

by DirtyHarolds

The latest from DirtyHarolds, in which you try (okay, mostly fail) to pilot a rocket-powered imp onto a tiny platform, has been playing on my since we streamed it last week. It’s the ultimate ‘okay-just-one-more-try-I-can-do-WAIT-NO-okay-try-again’ experience! Oh, and the BAD TV Mode? Genius, yet so evil.



by Byvsen

Oh, Byvsen. You know how to prod me (read: everyone in the Dreamiverse) right in the heart with your characters. Part-kangaroo, part-dinosaur, all adorable, the irresistibly squishy-looking Lou is the latest creation from the mind behind Green Guy and Bo - and I am DYING to see them appear in Byvsen's next feature animation.


Frozen Frenzy

by RuroniDan and steve_big_guns

A collaboration between RurouniDan and Mm’s own steve_big_guns, Frozen Frenzy is a brilliantly designed, highly original survival platformer: you’re an ice cube trying to survive in the melting Arctic. It’s chock-full of great mechanics, feels wonderful to play and will have you coming back for more (not least to unlock the many characters on offer). Oh, and those sharks? Aggressive.


A Walk In The City

by Todu

A Walk In The City is one of those creations that exists purely because Dreams exists, and that’s one of my favourite things. Put the Platforming Puppet in your creation and you’ll have my attention, but A Walk In The City grabs it even quicker with its gorgeous black-and-white art style, not to mention how alive it feels as you snoop on the folks in the city before that ending(?!!).


Big Bad Bass

by orionvalentine, blackcat_tracks, MCalchemist42, lugadi, venwave and Dale1981

Choosing five creations is so hard! But I couldn’t end my first Roundup without some tunes and Big Bad Bass, the debut album from Orion-Cat_Tracks, simply has to take this spot. Its title track more than lives up to its name, and the introduction to the band and the album itself is pure Dreams goodness. If this is their debut, I can’t wait for album #2, #3, #4 and beyond.

Want an easy way to view all of these creations in one convenient collection? Check out the playable edition of this week's Dreamview Weekly Roundup right here in Dreams!


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