Dreamview Weekly Roundup #7

Another week rolls slowly to a stop, like a round of Double Gloucester cheese that’s just been bowled down a large hill, its purpose fulfilled. What? It’s a thing. And a perfectly good analogy, if we do say so ourselves.

As inevitable as gravity, the Dreamview Weekly Roundup is here to mark the end of the working week. So if you - much like that fated cheese - are feeling the bumps and scrapes of the days behind you, why not pull up a grassy seat next to us, and check out five fabulous creations you could be discovering in Dreams this weekend?

Remix Of Frenemies New Toy

Frenemies: Episode 1 - New Toy

by Dreeko

There’s always that one mate who has to outdo you at everything, isn’t there? The first episode of the Frenemies animated series, which centres around two expressively sculpted youngsters locked in a tense battle for paddle ball glory, captures a hilariously mundane clash of egos. It’s the faces that really push this animation over the top: cartoonish and silly, the competitive squints and glowers they’re capable of are as. Dreeko’s comedy chops are undisputed - if you haven’t already done so, you owe it to yourself to play Sloth On Ice - and this only proves them further.


My House In The Clouds

by TheRedProphett

No exaggeration: this is one of the catchiest, most feel-good R&B tracks that has ever graced our ears. Written and performed by TheRedProphett (who’s also painted the eye-poppingly cool artwork, no big deal), plinky piano, smooth, smoky vocals and mentions of sunny Saturday mornings instantly lift the mood. Layer in some gorgeous harmonies, and a rap breakdown so impressive that we had to remember to close our mouth at the end of it, and you have a standout tune. It’s a song about chasing your bliss and living for the present moment - the perfect precursor to what will hopefully be a long, hot summer.


Dungeon Roulette

by oooDORIENooo

Fittingly, ‘oooDORIENooo’ is close to the noise we make whenever we see this master of luck-based mechanics has released another game. Dungeon Roulette is perhaps their best yet. It’s a randomised dungeon crawler with a twist: before you head in one of four possible directions, you’re shown all nine possibilities of what might be awaiting you in there. If luck is on your side, you’ll slay a variety of foes (such as speedy spiders that always attack first or slow trolls that deal double damage), collect sword pieces to raise your attack, use potions of healing, freezing and invisibility, and collect coins to tot up your score. If not, you’ll be back from the dead for another go, in hopes that your risk-reward analysis will prove more successful this time. Clever and compulsive.

Toasty Bird A

Toasty Bird

by Magrathean_42

Step aside, Untitled Goose - there’s a new feathered sheriff in town. Well, perhaps sheriff isn’t the right word. Toasty Bird is an agent of chaos, a pigeon that has acquired a fetching bread necklace by presumably nefarious means, and is now ‘the most popular bird in the park this morning’, attracting a legion of avian followers. Your job is to guide this shifty character around the level, dodging seagulls and collecting more delicious accessories, until... well. (Or should we say, fountain?) To say more might spoil the joy of this delightful exercise in fowl play.

Hognautica Speedrun Pt 1 1


by Keldbjones

This year’s Impy award-winning Community Star continues to live up to their title. Keldbjones’ latest project, DREAM FLIX, is a CoMmunity challenge that tasks creators with remixing a scene to make a short film. Entries are then assembled into little marathons on beautifully presented, upsettingly now-retro VHS tapes for your viewing (and voting) enjoyment. It’s a blast to set a tape going and let it play: Episode 2 is a particular must-watch, if only for sulky_tardigrade’s stitch-inducingly funny send-up of speedrunning. Ever wanted to see a piglet called The Squealing Gamer have a physics-based freakout while explaining how a hatch skip shaves four seconds off its time - and also somehow plugging its affiliate code? Rest assured your worryingly specific prayers will be answered.

Want an easy way to view all of these creations in one convenient collection? Check out the playable edition of this week's Dreamview Weekly Roundup right here in Dreams!


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