Dreamview Weekly Roundup #8

How’s everybody doing today? Not too bad? Same. Feeling ready for the weekend? Ditto. Quietly modifying the DNA of a beloved character, creating an obscenely muscular version of them before releasing them into the Dreamiverse to cause untold carnage? No? Just us, then.

Whatever you’re up to this Friday, we’re delighted to be a small part of it. Thanks for stopping by for the latest Dreamview Weekly Roundup, in which we select just five of the many glorious things going on in Dreams right now, and tell you exactly why you should be interested in them. Any questions unrelated to the ethics of the aforementioned experiment? Jolly good - let’s get started.

The Void

Liminal Mystery Box

by JohnnyBiscotti

What’s in the box? Well, where to begin. Sure, you might start out combing the sides of this sunshine-hued puzzle box for a simple doorknob to slot into a waiting hole. But just wait until you see what’s through that door. Liminal Mystery Box transports you to a myriad of unlikely spaces through puzzles that will force you to flip your sense of perspective on its head, and to - sorry - think outside of the box. Despite a clever ‘teleporting inventory’ solution, the control scheme is a little rough around the edges - but the raw design chops on display here will leave even die-hard fans of Fireproof Games’ The Room series impressed.

Past To Present Falls Exploration

Past to Present - Water Falls

by IansaneArtist

With a finely honed mastery of realism, IansaneArtist has long been lighting up the Dreamiverse with sun-dappled forests and twinkling cityscapes. But their latest creation might just be the most illuminating of all. Past to Present - Water Falls is a comparative piece: two years on, the creator has ‘remastered’ the first-ever waterfall scene they made, a button-press allowing the viewer to switch back and forth between then and now. It’s not only fascinating to see just how much IansaneArtist’s skill level has increased over the course of two years in Dreams, but motivating - a monument to what all of us might be capable of, given enough time and dedication.



by scarybiscuit

You’ve never known true panic until you’ve had to sprint across a dilapidated cyberfacility, ice crystals creeping at the edges of your vision, in a desperate bid for a station that will reheat you. Yes, prepare to feel like yesterday’s burrito - if a burrito could wield a firearm, that is - in ICEsolation, a firstperson shooter with a survival twist. Both enemies and the elements stand in the way of your evacuation: towering rogue robots silently, determinedly glide towards you while you hunt coloured keycards, monitor your core temperature and mentally map a way to the nearest suit recharge spot. Alongside brilliant environmental design and worldbuilding (there are definite shades of Titanfall 2’s visual direction), this central mechanical tension makes ICEsolation an escape to remember.

Private Creation 2

Twitch Chip

by the_Timme

Three words: Twitch Plays Dreams. Yes, the phenomenon that saw millions of people type inputs in stream chat to collectively play through Pokemon Red has reached the Dreamiverse. The_Timme’s ingenious Twitch chip works with the PlayStation Remote Play app and a custom-made C# app (having previously used InstructBot) to allow chat commands, rewards and events on Twitch to directly interact with the Logic in the chip - and, therefore, whichever controllable creation the chip is attached to in Dreams. The_Timme has already got it up-and-running, most notably with Entropy-Tamed’s One Button Speed Run, with Twitch chat participants pressing X to steer a disc along a perilous course without falling off. As ever in Dreams, this could be just the start of something a whole lot bigger.


Cuthbert The Caterpillar Cake


#FreeCuthbert has been the hashtag on everyone’s lips lately. For those not well acquainted with British cake lore, here’s a quick summary: supermarket chain Aldi’s novelty caterpillar cake (Cuthbert) looks a lot like fellow supermarket chain Marks & Spencer’s novelty caterpillar cake (Colin). A farcical legal battle for chocolatey honour has commenced. No sooner was the first crumb of cake spilled than THE__TWITCHER took the opportunity to create the Dreams version of the caterpillar cake that shares our cuboid character’s name. Naturally, a few essential design tweaks have been made - have you ever seen a dessert look this miserable? Perhaps they all should, given what happens to them - and a hilarious, completely watertight legal disclaimer has been added in the description and tags. Smart.

Want an easy way to view all of these creations in one convenient collection? Check out the playable version of this week's Dreamview Weekly Roundup right here in Dreams!


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