Earth stood hard as iron

I spend most days brain-deep in Popit code, but in my spare time I like to exercise my other, other brain and write short stories. If you like reading (the activity, not the town) then make a cup of tea, pull up a biscuit and Are You Sitting Comfortably? Below is an excerpt from Part 1 of a story I’m serialising as I go called “Earth stood hard as iron”.

The dull swirling of Gordon’s frozen breath is the only sign of life in the tiny apartment; Choirboys’ voices lilt softly through the still air from the radio in the kitchen, cutting sweetly through the silence. Gordon sits still as a stone, wrapped in blankets whilst Cal, his small mongrel terrier, keeps his feet warm. The room is cold, barely above freezing, a single bar of the electric fire struggling against the bitter winter. It’s cheaper that way.

Gordon blinks as if waking from a dream, moves to stretch his frozen joints, and flexes his numb lips.

“Come on Cal,” he says quietly, “It’s time to go for a walk.”

They shuffle down the hall to the door, and Cal looks on as Gordon agonises over putting on his coat, scarf, gloves and boots. The laces are hard to do. Finally, Cal’s lead is clipped onto his collar.

“Let’s go.”

The rest is on the other side of this link, so please read on! I hope you enjoy it, feedback is always most welcome.


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