Game Jam Hands on


The PlayStation blog has posted a hands on article about the recent Move Game Jam written by one of the attendees, Chimpanzee, a creator known for his excellent video work and Rocket Cheetah blog. If you want to find out more about the Move Pack, and what it was like to be at the Jam, then read on my friends!

To illustrate how some of the new features could be used, we were shown a few of the 13 Mm-made levels that’ll be included in the downloadable pack. It’s the largest piece of DLC that Media Molecule have released so far and the variety of gameplay is bound to inspire Creators to come up with even more exciting and original ideas. The main story levels consist largely of puzzle/platformers where you play using with a DualShock or Sub-controller in one hand and the PlayStation Move in the other – a control scheme that was surprisingly easy to get used to. But the mini games are where I was really blown-away. One was a Labyrinth-style game where you had to tilt the Move to guide a ball through a maze-like track. In another, you had to use the Move Cursor to arrange objects, conveyor belts and bounce pads on a board to guide a dumb Sackbot from one side to the other.

Overwhelmed? I was. But grab a cup of tea and take a deep breath because we aren’t even nearly done yet!

Read the rest over on the PlayStation Blog.
The Players at the Jam made some rather nifty things, and we were so proud of them we showed them off to people at E3…there should be some videos appearing sooner or later of the things they made, we’ll update you with those when we have ‘em!


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