Game over: we lose

Avenge Media Molecule - Vote Harmonix!It’s all over. Our final push was not enough, the battle is lost. Harmonix have defeated us in the Escapist March Mayhem Developer showdown due to a technicality…  technically they got more votes than us… and so technically speaking they won.

We are proud of each and every one of you who came to our side, and represented us on the field. You showed courage in the face of certain doom, and spread the word with a smile on your face, showing that LittleBigPlanet fans are some of the coolest people around.  Although the day was not ours, we lost to very worthy opponents, and as a sign of goodwill towards our victors, let’s all vote for them in the next round, where they face off against the might of 2K Marin.  Afterall, if they can beat the mighty Molecule, they must be able to win this whole thing… right? ;)


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