Game Rant interview with Alex and Spaff

Phillipe from Gamerant nabbed some of our time at the Eurogamer Expo recently, and asked us all about Video Games. Amongst our answers were some pretty groundbreaking revelations, including this incredible moment in history…

*At this point, a woman with biscuits walked past the table. Unfortunately, they were not for us.*

AE: “Ah, biscuits!……. Ah, fail!”

JS: “We just failed to get biscuits “

AE: “*Sighs* So excited by biscuits.”

GR: [Going back to Heavy Rain] I actually loved that game. You can tell, just by looking at that game, how different, how diverse, the gaming industry is now. David Cage (Creative Director of Heavy Rain)…

AE: “Oh I love you!”

*The biscuit lady has returned, bearing biscuits.*

AE: “Thank you very much!”

GR: We’re getting biscuits!

AE: “Oh, you’re the nicest person!”

Biscuit Lady: “These are for the speakers, you’re a speaker, right?”

AE: “I was speaking earlier this morning!”

GR: I’m speaking now…

JS: “I organized our speakers!”

BL: “Oh, alright then. Don’t tell anyone!”

AE: “Bless you, thank you so much.”

You can read more about the biscuits, and other far less important things we might have said about video games, the people that make them, and how awesome our community is in this three part interview over on Game Rant.


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