GameCity Paper Jam: The Elks are on Parade

We’re back from GameCity after a fairly intense day of colouring, cutting and glueing things, and we had a great time!

We were there with a big pile of Tearaway papercraft Elk plans, and with the help of the GameCity stewards, we ran a popup papercraft workshop for one day only. We met lots of lovely people, and watched some amazing creativity at work, as you’ll see in the gallery below.

Thanks to everyone who came along, we’ll see you again some time soon!

Sad you missed the Jam? Do not weep! We hope to host more of these in the future, and we’ll let everyone know about them when we do. Besides you can make your own Papercraft Elk at home folks: Simply download the free template and print it out. The ones pictured were printed out onto A3, but at that size you really need to print onto card if you can! Happy glueing people!


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