Games for All Generations – John Beech talks to Cranleigh U3A Computer Club!


Last month John Beech and I hopped in the car and made our way over to Cranleigh, a lovely village just outside of Guildford where we met with the wonderful folks of the Cranleigh U3A Computer Club!

The U3A, which stands for ‘University of the Third Age’, was formed for the benefit of retired and semi-retired people who wish to learn and keep active. Through a variety of groups and clubs, members of the U3A can take part in a wide range of interesting courses and activities, one of which is the Computer Club!

The U3A Computer Club, run by Maggie Atkins, meet every month to discuss all aspects of information technology, from personal computers to large-scale public systems. The group is open to all levels of tech-heads, from beginners wishing to advance their own personal computing skills through to those who have been programming all their lives. It’s such a fantastic mix of folks coming together to share tips and learn from each other; very inspiring indeed.


John giving his talk to the Computer Club

We were contacted by Maggie recently asking if we’d like to come down and give a talk to the U3A all about video games and how we make them. Of course, we were absolutely thrilled to be invited and jumped at the chance immediately! John Beech was the perfect fit and he went along and gave a really great, insightful talk followed by a fantastic Q&A session afterwards. We had some brilliant questions asked, prompting really interesting discussions and we loved every minute of our time with the U3A!


I was there with my camera documenting everything and if you fancy seeing John’s talk yourself, it’s available to watch now on our YouTube channel! Take a look and let us know what you think!

Games for All Generations – John Beech talks to Cranleigh U3A Computer Club!


John with Maggie who runs the U3A Computer Club!

Massive thanks to Maggie and all the other U3A folks for inviting us along to their Computer Club to give the first talk of the year! We loved meeting everyone and sharing stories, it was really fascinating to hear from those who had previously worked in the tech field and what their experiences were. It was a great knowledge exchange and we hope to come back and see you all again soon!


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