Gastronbury Feastival 09

The sun is shining and the music festival season is well under way. But not for us poor folks at Mm towers, we’re far too busy for camping and getting mud in our hair. So to console ourselves, instead of heading off to Glastonbury Festival, we are celebrating Gastronbury Feastival.

By replacing music with a much tastier thing ,food, we can enjoy all the excesses of Glastonbury except via our bellies and taste buds. Gastronbury is about eating and drinking. It’s about eating and drinking a lot, treating yourself to things you wouldn’t normally do, possibly for monetary reasons, and going over the top.

So, today we gorged ourselves on the most decadent sandwich we could think of LOBSTER. Here’s one before it got sandwiched up!


It was immensely tasty, and shall be followed up this evening by oysters and champagne, and lots more food. We encourage you to join us, eat something special, and keep eating special things until Sunday when it all stops and we need to diet. *burp*


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