Global Game JaMm 2019


Hey, everyone!

We're so excited to be a sponsor for Global Game Jam once again this year, and after our mega-jam that took place last year at Mm Towers, we're gearing up for another weekend of jamming in Dreams (beta!) to see what we can come up with.

If you didn't catch our 2018 stream, you can see games such as Handyland, Fly My Pigeon, Fly!, and Gene Journey come to life in Dreams right here.

Ggj2019 2

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We'd love to see as many of you, our CoMmunity, get involved across the globe! Jamming has been essential to Mm and the development of LBP, Tearaway and Dreams. If you've ever fancied the idea of creating a game from scratch, then we highly recommend finding your local GGJ site, signing up and jamming between 25th January - 27th January. Jam sites are always FULL of creativity, so even if you're not sure what part you want to play, you'll find other people with ideas, knowledge and the desire to make games!

And finally, for those of you participating in the Dreams Creator Beta, join our virtual jam in Dreams! During the GGJ weekend, tag your creation with 'Global Game Jam' and we'll pick out some of our highlights to feature on our Global Game Jam livestream on Monday 28th January at 5PM GMT, alongside what our Molecules cook up.

Good luck to everyone getting involved in Global Game Jam across the world, we hope you make some amazing games and have a great time!