Gothic Novel Game Jam Stream!

Hey there, CoMmunity! How's your week been? It's pretty warm, isn't it?

We may have only just done our last stream (which you can watch right here) but we're ready to announce our next stream already! How are we going to follow up the making of our E3 performance? Weeeellll...

We're going to be gathering up another bunch of Molecules to take part in a live game jam! This month, our local Guildford Library is running a Gothic Novel Jam and encouraging the local community to get involved with creating whatever they want using the theme - be it a story, music or, yep, a game! And, you know us, we love ourselves a good ol' game jam from time to time.

Video Thumbnail Gothic

SO! Focused on the theme of Gothic Novel our July stream will demonstrate how fun it can be to make some dark and menacing creations together in Dreams!

We want to get you involved to! Send us your Gothic Novel ideas in to us on Twitter using the hashtag #GothNovJam and tagging us @mediamolecule! You can also submit your ideas in the comments section below. We can't guarantee we'll get round to creating everything you submit, but you'll definitely be a source of inspiration for the Molecules!

Join us on Thursday 26th July at 5PM BST to see what spooky bits and bobs we create in our Gothic Novel Game Jam stream! Make sure to register for the event on Facebook and Twitch so that you don't miss out!

Sad you missed the stream? Hopefully we can help! The full video is now available to watch just below this sentence!


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