Happy fourth birthday to us!

Media Molecule was founded four years ago! Okay, okay so it was a few weeks ago now, but we waited for the new site to be ready, shh! We celebrated by piling into a local Italian eatery and plying ourselves with all manner of treats, meats, sweets and booze.

Two years ago, in January 2008, the gang here posted photos showing how the office had changed over the years



I tried to find someone to ask about the history of the yellow wall, but everyone looked mega busy, just at that moment however, Alex walked by and I pounced.

“When we first moved into the office, we had three rooms which we painted pink, blue, and yellow. Pink was a games room, blue was the dev space, with a crappy kitchen, and yellow was empty. Eventually I led the charge into the Yellow room (because I hate people) and some other people moved in there.

Then we rented the big space next to these rooms, and everyone moved into the big room, yay! We had a proper kitchen in pink room, blue become our eating area and yellow became a chillout room.

But these days we’ve grown again and had to expand out there, so blue is now testology and eating zone, and yellow is a quiet coding room, where I once again live because I hate of people apparently.”

Check out the yellow room today, a great stonker of a trophy cabinet has taken over the wall…

Happy Birthday us!


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