Happy Halloween!

The Autumn is upon us, and it seems appropriate that as the leaves outside turn golden, so do does Tearaway. Just like the trees outside our studio, we’re not quite there yet, not fully Gold, we are well on the road to releasing, with only a few more weeks until November 22nd!

The best part of Autumn is Halloween (amiright?) and we thought we’d celebrate the game’s imminent release, and this golden season, with a Halloween themed papercraft plan for you all to decorate your homes with at this most creepy of times!

A little way into playing Tearaway, you’ll discover you need a pumpkin to scare off some rowdy crows. Once you find one, you’ll be asked to give it a scary voice, using the PS Vita’s mic, and also a spooky face, which you can make by cutting out virtual paper shapes. You’ll also collect a papercraft plan of the pumpkin, just one of many than you’ll be able to collect and make as you play through Tearaway.

Tearaway’s lead designer Rex Crowle has given the Pumpkin papercraft plan a spooky makeover, and we’d like you to have it now!
You can download the papercraft plan here!

Please enjoy making this pumpkin, and please send pictures of your creations to us on twitter: @tearawaygame.
Feel free to modify it as you wish!

Happy Halloween!


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