Happy Tearaween! Find out who's our winner!

Happy Halloween folks! I hope you're all having a spooktacular time telling each other ghost stories and eating sweeties! Stay safe tonight if you're out there trick or treating, who's dressing up tonight?

Today we are announcing the terrifying winner of our #Tearaween photo contest! Over the past week, we asked you to capture your scariest photo in Tearaway/Tearaway Unfolded and share it with us and my goodness! You folks are the kings and queens of scare! We've seen some really dark and spooky shots out there, thank you to everyone who entered and gave us a fright! It was definitely a tricky task trying to pick a winner, but after much head scratching and deliberating, we have chosen our winner!

So without further ado, let's reveal the winraar! Our bloodcurdling, spine chilling and hair raising winner is... *drum roll please*!

@ApparentlyShane with his 'Super-Psycho iota'!


You don't want to get on the wrong side of this Messenger O__O

There's just something so wonderfully dark about Shane's shot, the way the blood drips down iota's tormented face, the deranged look in his eyes... it had to be! We think your combination of the Macro lens with the Vintage filter is great too, they add even more eeriness to the shot!

Many horrifying congratulations to you Shane! We will be in touch to send you your winning onesie very soon!

Big thanks again to everyone else who sent us their scares! We had a lot of fun and frights going through them all. Here's some of the great entires we received, don't worry if you didn't win this time folks, there'll be plenty more contests in the future to get your creative mitts into!


<a href="">DJCHIMP</a>


<a href="">JamieRIOT</a>


<a href="">PN-TR</a>


<a href="">renaultmilton</a>


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