Have a Papery Pumpkin On Us!

It's the spookiest time of the year! Hurrah!

We love Halloween. We love it so much that we gifted those Molecules who wanted one with a pumpkin to take home and carve over the weekend to celebrate All Hallows Eve. Each of those lovingly carved squashes will be brought back to the studio on Monday to make a Halloween display that we will share with you all via social media. We can't wait!

Img 7912

But then we got thinking about you: Our Wonderful Community. The logistics of sending a Guildford grown pumpkin to each and every one of you is too big a task even for this Merry Band of Molecules to achieve, so we've opted for the next best thing.

Download your Tearaway paper craft pumpkin here! Carefully assemble it and, if you want, take a terrifying selfie of you and the pumpkin, and then post it on our Facebook wall or send it to us in a tweet! We cannot wait to see all your lovely little faces alongside a lovely little paper-pumpkin!

Happy Halloween, Molecule Fans! x


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