Help Create a Costume for Tearaway Unfolded!

If you’re a fan of Tearaway and you love customising your messenger, listen up because we have a super exciting contest coming atcha! We’re giving one lucky winner the chance to have their very own iota or atoi costume featured in our upcoming game Tearaway Unfolded! That’s right, your costume design will be included in the actual game, that everyone will play! It’s very exciting!

All you need to do is send us a photo of your messenger costume. You could make the costume from papercraft in the real world and snap it with a real camera, or customise your messenger in Tearaway for PlayStation Vita and take a selfie using the in-game camera.

Rex will pick his favourite from the submissions and the winner will have an interpretation of their design made and put into the game! Omg!

As with all of our creative contests, there’s no limit to what you can create but keep in mind that the costume will be worn in the game so it needs to be fairly easy to run and jump about in whilst your messenger is wearing it! But don’t let that halt your creativity though, we want to see your personality and imagination shine through!

To enter, head on over to our PlayStation contest page and submit your photo using the form on there. The competition runs until Thursday 14th May. We’re so excited to see what you guys create, we can’t wait!


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