Honours List: You’ve been Crowned!

Today is a special day. Some of the people who have contributed amazing things to our community of Sackfolk, shall be awarded the most prestigious award a Sackboy can dream of earning, a special costume item given only to those who prove they are worthy of joining the LBP Royal family -The LittleBigPlanet Crown.


Joining the Royals today are a set of people who have created things that everyone at Media Molecule has seen and thoroughly enjoyed…


For his work on the lost in limbo project Sackbook – a social network for Sackboys that will hopefully return one day, Ixalon, we crown thee!


For his work creating an excellent rendition of a famous internet meme, SackrollJJMusicman, we crown thee! Let us all enjoy his music video again!


For their amazing group effort to construct an entire retro game inside LittleBigPlanet, we wish to crown the following people: Jaeyden, Leonidas2123, SaitoHalifax, NinjaMicWZ, El_Beefo, Gevurah22, and TeknomanEX.


Finally Seakitten Collective, the gang behind the most excellent Machinima video – LittleBigRevenge – You also shall be crowned!

All of you should find that you have presents in your PSN inbox from PSN Account Spaff_Molecule and if you don’t then you should have a friend request from me, OR in the case of Gevurah22, you have too many friends, delete someone and add me!

We have guessed the regions you are each in, and if we are wrong, the codes won’t work, so let us know and we can swap ‘em for the right ones! If you don’t have a message from me on your PS3, check your friend requests and bug me!

These crowns are not the first to be awarded, and they most certainly won’t be the last – remember, if you do something truly magnificent related to LittleBigPlanet, you too could find yourself with a shiny golden reward!

Congratulations to our new Kings and Queens, and have a lovely weekend everyone! :)



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