iam8bit's Future of Gaming Exhibition Featuring David Smith

iam8bit have an exhibition opening tomorrow called The Future of Gaming which features work from renowned artists based on industry veterans' conceptions of what gaming might be like in the future. Our very own David Smith was asked to provide his predictions for artist Boneface, and he has certainly focused on the darker side of technology. Here's what he had to say about the project.


A couple of months back, Media Molecule was asked to be a part of a ‘Future of Gaming’ art exhibition. They wanted a quote from us to give to an artist who would make a piece of art based on what we wrote. Many of us at Media Molecule are firm believers in the growing importance of gaming as the most socially and creatively empowering medium of our time. But if I was an artist working to a brief from some dude I’d never met, I’d probably prefer to be given license to have some fun and make something deliciously bleak. So that’s what I wrote! Boneface brilliantly captured the creepy bleakness I was trying to describe, and entirely outshines the text he was given to work from.

– David Smith

Here's the final piece with Dave's quote at the bottom. We love it so much we want to get it printed up for the studio immediately. It's pretty rad don't you think?

The Future of Gaming runs from the 10th - 22nd June in LA. Take a look at their Facebook event page for more details. If you're over there for E3 at the moment, this is definitely one not to miss!


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