Important announcement regarding wigs

WiggyTomorrow will be Wig Friday Fake Hair Friday! here at the Mm offices!

Following our recent Friday events, which have included dress-up Friday and hat Friday, we’re getting all hairy and putting on wigs for the day.

But why are you telling us this on Thursday?“, we hear you cry! Well, because we want you to join in!

But how?!“, we hear you cry in a slightly more, enthusiastic manner.

Yes, well, you see – all day tomorrow we’ll be checking our Twitter feed, awaiting your wig tweets and pics to come rolling in. You could even send us pics via our facebook page too, if that’s more your thing. Oh, and don’t forget flickr, where you can simply tag your photos with fakehairfriday for them to all appear in one glorious place.

So yes, it’s official. Tomorrow is Fake Hair Friday for anyone and everyone who fancies joining in. We look forward to seeing you in your wigs tomorrow!


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