Institute of Play: Playmakers

Not too long ago (ok it was quite a while ago actually)  some folk from the Institute of Play came to visit us here at Mm towers, and filmed us talking about LittleBigPlanet for a series of videos entitled Playmakers.

Playmakers is an exploration of the experiences and innovations that are leading the way for learning design in the twenty-first century. The seven videos in this series introduce you to a range of people working at the intersection of games and learning, from teachers who happened on the power of play through trial and error, to commercial game designers who set out to make one great game and ended up empowering millions of users to make their own.

The video featuring us has just been published, and we thought some of you might like to see it. If you’re interested you can also take a look at the rest of the Playmakers series too, it’s really rather interesting!


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