Introducing your new Community Managers!

Fresh faced and ready to go, we are the new Media Molecule Community Management team. Plucked straight from the land of the internets, and now fully absorbed into the fold here in Guildford, some of you will know us from our previous adventures, over on LittleBigPlanetoid – a fan site we built which impressed the folks here so much, they gave us jobs. (Thank you!)

Whilst we are, with no doubt, big enough fans of LittleBigPlanet to create and maintain a website dedicated to it, we are also games industry professionals, each with a long working history in and around games and the web. In fact, we worked together for the last few years at NCsoft (City of Heroes, Guild Wars, etc) Tom as a graphical designer, and myself as a content writer / Community Coordinator.

Before we left at the end of last year, we worked regularly with one another to build content, design tools, and work with communities from the very start of their lives, right through their launch, and beyond… and that's what we're here to do here at Media Molecule!

We're busy consuming information, meeting all the fine folk here, and walking around looking at all the secret things (ooh shiny!) but as soon as we are settled, you can expect a steady stream of news and community activities.

To help get to know each of us better, here are some handy profiles we prepared earlier… well, just now actually, but who's checking?

TomJames Spafford (aka Spaff)
PSN: Spaff_Molecule
I play: Video Games – quirky, interesting and indie ones…. But also massive blockbusters. So everything.
I love: Horses, best of all the animals
I cry when: my cats come and run their allergy inducing selves over me
I eat: Pan Roasted Liberty Valley Duck Breast with Roasted Cippolini Onion, Wilted Arrowleaf Spinach, Mariposa Plums and Sautéed Moulard Duck Foie Gras.
I drink: I'll have a Guinness please, cheers
I watch: Chris Morris, Tim Burton, Wes Anderson, Edgar Wright, and Neighbours.
Favourite cheese: Deep fried mozzarella. MMmmm.

TomTom Kiss
PSN: Tom_Molecule
I play: FPS games, sticking googly eyes on my chin and dressing up as a zombie.
I love: Lamp.
I cry when: I read YouTube comments.
I eat: Like an omnivorous beast.
I drink: Harveys, Sussex Best Bitter.
I watch: Marine fish swimming about in tanks, wishing I could be one.
Favourite cheese: It would have to be the creamy goodness of Port Salut.

That's us, who are you? Let us know in the comments perhaps? :)


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