Jamal's Week at Media Molecule!

This week we welcomed Jamal, better known to our community as @glitchfish, to Mm for a week of work experience. He kindly wrote about his time at Mm for us! 

As my week draws to a close, I felt it would be best to write down my experiences in a meaningful and passionate way. Media Molecule have meant the world to me from a young age and being able to sit here and write this now almost feels like a dream. Everyone here is so nice and I got to experience life in the industry and honestly all I can really say bluntly is that I love it.

Jamal Dreams1

Everyone at Mm is so polite and kind and I genuinely felt like one of the family. I was personally quite shy and anxious at first, afraid of embarrassing myself in front of personal heroes, but they slowly coaxed me out of my shell and helped me when I needed it.

Dreams, honestly, is an absolute marvel, whilst I personally didn’t create anything spectacular during my week (Mm note: We're pretty impressed with Jamal's creations, pictured above and below!), I was able to talk with the pros, brainstorm ideas and talk about changes between LBP and Dreams (which are quite a bit!). Once you understand what’s going on it’s like eating a waffle with ice-cream, quick, easy and intuitive, and you can always find an alternative route as Dreams is so vast! There’s at least 20 answers to one problem that I experienced with my weird experimental level of size-shifting characters. 

Jamal Dreams2

Dreams speaks for itself. Almost everything has been thought about and designed and I cannot wait to see what the community and myself make when it releases, It definitely will turn heads on its arrival and I can even see it rivaling studio software and becoming an alternative for game development. Yes, it’s that amazing.

I wish I could go into more detail about the game but why would I spoil the magic for others? That’s just selfish.


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