Jo's in the Recruiter Hot Seat


Jo  Mabey

Our fabulous HR Manager Joanna Mabey is in Develop's Recruiter Hot Seat this month talking all things Mm and recruitment. In the interview, Jo shares what it's like to work inside the Molecule along with some tips and advice on what we're looking for in potential Molecules and how best to stand out from the crowd!

Here's a little snippet below and you can read the full interview over on Develop.

Who is the best interviewee you have ever had and how did they impress you?

We are impressed with those who have done their homework and have a passion for the industry – it’s always great to interview people who know about us and the project we’re currently working on, and are excited and enthusiastic about it. Show dedication to your craft and be proud of the work you produce. It’s great to meet someone who loves what they do and is keen to bring their skills and experience to the team.