LBPC Contest time: No Floor Platformer


LittleBigPlanet Central have formed themselves a Contest Crew, a gang of nice boys and girls who want nothing more than to set challenges and award crowns to sackfolk in need!

Greetings! Allow us to introduce ourselves: we are LBPCentral’s new Contest Crew, and we’re here to get your creative cogs turning with new monthly(ish) LBP contests! We’ve all been working hard to get this in motion, and we’re excited to finally be able to announce it to the community!

Our goal for each contest is to provide you with opportunities to exercise your creativity, show off your work, and maybe win some prizes in the process.

Their first contest is the no floor platform challenge, a contest to construct a level with, wait for it, no floor! A lethal swingy-bouncy challenge of a level.
Hit the banner below for more info, good luck folks!



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