Let's Get Streamin'!

Hey there, CoMmunity!

It's been over a week (HOW?!) since we launched Dreams Creator Early Access and already the Dreamiverse is full of wonderful, beautiful creations - we can't get enough of them! We'll be live on Twitch each week showcasing some of our favorite content in the Dreamiverse, as well as giving tips and tricks on creating in Dreams!

We'll be kicking these off at 5PM BST on Thursday 25th April - and every following Thursday! Keep an eye out for reminders on our social channels so you don't miss out.

Community Creations 1

Each week, you'll be able to set a reminder on our Facebook and Twitch pages, as well as register for a reminder via PlayStation Events.

We'll be streaming lots throughout Dreams Early Access, sharing your creations, keeping you up-to-date on what we're doing in Dreams and helping you out with how-tos directly from the content team at Mm, so stayed tuned throughout Early Access for more, more, more!

See you Thursday (and every Thursday!) and keep sharing your creations and your favourite creations with us on our social channels (don't forget to tag them with #MadeInDreams!) - maybe you'll see some of them on the stream!

Dreams Creator Early Access is available now in select territories! You can find it on the PlayStation Store by following the below links.

EU PlayStation Store | US PlayStation Store | JP PlayStation Store


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