Light Painting Workshop with Dr Kathryn Harkup!


The lights went out at Mm Towers last week as our Mini Molecules got together to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night in style with an interactive light painting workshop!

Mg 5857 3

Run by Dr Kathryn Harkup, a freelance science communicator who focuses on the quirky side of science, the workshop taught our minis all about the science of light and how to use it effectively to paint pictures in the darkness!


Dr Harkup begins the workshop with a quick science lesson!


After a quick introduction and how-to from Dr Harkup showing us all how to use our little LED lights, the minis were set their first task of drawing smiley faces in mid-air using their new light paintbrushes! What do we think folks? I think they all did a pretty good job :)

Mg 5834

Once everyone had mastered the basics, it was then time to try more advanced light painting with our own cameras! Around the room, Dr Harkup had set up three individual cameras on tripods allowing the minis to get a bit more creative with their works of light art! Using the 'bulb' setting on the camera, each mini could hold down the shutter button for as long as required allowing their light painter to get busy in front of the lens. 'The Super Hero Pose' was a particular favourite which involved someone posing in front of the camera whilst another person painted behind them creating a fun silhouette effect - check it out!

Mg 5864 2
Mg 5853 2
Mg 5855 2

Of course, we couldn't let an opportunity like this pass by without drawing a few 'Mm' related things! 'Dreams' was a perfect match for the light painting, matching the style of the actual logo although it took us a few goes to get it looking right! Big thanks to Frances for writing so beautifully, and for drawing us an Imp as well! Yay!

Mg 5882
Mg 5862 2

Before long, and after many more photos and lots of laughter, it was time to turn the lights back on as the workshop came to an end. Massive thanks to our lovely Kath and Eoin who organised and catered the whole event; all the mini molecule's had a really good time and it was a wonderful way to finish up a fantastic week at the Molecule! <3 Big thanks as well to Dr Kathryn Harkup for putting on such a fantastic experience for the minis, we'll definitely be signing up for another workshop very soon! If you fancy checking out the full range of Dr Harkup's workshops, be sure to take a peek at her website for more info: