Lili Schafer & Lautaro Healey, the future of game design?

Last Friday we had a visit from our friend Tim Schafer! Visiting Europe on a press tour for his forthcoming metal adventure Brutal Legend, we saw the perfect opportunity to repay his kindness of inviting a gang of molecules to Double Fine when they were over in San Francisco for GDC, and also a good excuse to hang out in the sunshine with our friend.

After a nice long lunch in the sun, Tim, his wife Rachael and their baby Lili, met the molecule gang in the office, drank some tea, and chatted to the star-struck testing team. Then we all headed off to have a Barbecue.

It was here, whilst we chomped on lovely grilled meats and sipped champagne, that the heirs of two of the beardiest and friendliest game designers in the world met. Here we see Psychadets Lili Schafer and Lautaro Healey, very possibly the future of game design, meeting for the first time.  All together now: awwwwwwwww :)


Thanks for coming to visit Tim, we all had a great time!


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