LittleBigContra Team announce their latest project: To the Moon and Beyond

The creators of LittleBigContra, winners of the Outstanding Achievement award in the 2009 Sackies have announced their latest project: To the Moon and Beyond.

Ace creators Jaeyden and Leonidas2123 are submitting the project as their entry in to HASTAC and the MacArthur Foundation's Digital Media and Learning Competition (announced back in January "Become a 'Game Changer' and earn up to $50,000").

To announce their project, they've released a trailer to give us all an insight of what's to come:

The project rises to the challenge of putting participatory learning to work, on behalf of science, technology, engineering and mathematics...

A ten part educational series that spans human history and time. We explore the history and practical applications of the physics, chemistry, mathematics and engineering that propelled the human species beyond our earthly boundaries to the Moon, Mars and BEYOND! A collaborative project by award winning creators.

To the Moon and Beyond is a series of levels within LittleBigPlanet aiming to educate players in regards to science, technology, engineering, and math, while engaging them through a compelling science-fiction story. The player assumes the role of a student enrolled in the futuristic Alpha Centauri Space Program aspiring to become an elite space explorer. Many lessons taught to the player occur within the "Holoroom", a place capable of simulating any possible scenario. The holoroom introduces the player to an array of important scientific figures and paradigm changing human events. Utilizing the powerful physics engine of the game itself it teaches scientific principals, mathematics and the practical applications of these concepts and ideas through innovative gameplay mechanics.

Stunning visuals and amazing storytelling takes the player from the very beginnings of human science through the 1960's moon landing and beyond to the future of human space exploration.

We'll be keeping an eye on the project and look forward to seeing the finished levels :)

You can see some of the other entrants, including teams using LittleBigPlanet, in the competition's official entrants listing page.


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