LittleBigPlanet 2 Code Swarm

This video shows the creation and editing over time of all the code and content in LittleBigPlanet 2…

What am i seeing???

  • Each little dot represents one file in the game. Different file types are different colours.
  • If a file isn’t already on the screen when it was added to the game or updated then it will spawn in a random place and then gravitate towards the person who created it or edited it.
  • If a file is edited by someone else then it will gravitate towards that person, which is why you sometimes see files dance from person to person.
  • If a file isn’t updated again within a few days then it will eventually fade out.
  • You see massive clusters around one person when they have edited or created a bunch of files – often, when making a change to “one thing” such as a level, you’re actually creating lots of little files, so if you edit several levels and submit your changes all at once you’ll be rewarded with an explosive halo of lights.

It doesn’t go right back to the beginning of the project - it starts from the point this “branch” of the game was created within our source control repository.
The music is an edit of my LBP1 Pod music!


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